Copywriter | Long-form content writer

I am a writer by chance. Accidentally, I would say. Never set out to make a career in writing but I'm liking it now. 

Memes are my third favourite thing in social media. I love sharing them, laughing at them and thanks to my current job, I have got a chance to make a few memes as well. 


I have worked in different roles in the content writing space - as a writer, as a proofreader, as a QC, and also had a short stint at short-form news article writing.

What I can do

My keen interest and some little-more-than-beginner level knowledge in finance and financial markets has helped me a great deal with my writing for fintech brands and personal finance.

Here's what I have done, still doing and would like to do in future:

  1. Financial articles
  2. Blogs on personal finance
  3. Copywriting for social media (except for real estate stuff)
  4. Maybe something else as well that involves writing

Copywriting Portfolio

Explore a featured selection of my writing work below.